Norhtlake Eye Center – Surgical Eye Associates has provided the Northshore with Full-Service eye care, medical and surgical treatment for various eye conditions for the past 30 Years.

Norhtlake Eye Center specializes in ALL your eye care needs.

General Comprehensive Eye Exam

Eye examinations are an important part of preventative health care. Early diagnosis and treatment of eye and vision problems are important for maintaining good vision.

Cataract Treatments

If you are suffering from signs and symptoms of aging vision, including the effects of cataracts, our certified eye specialists will discuss your symptoms and determine which treatment is best for you and your vision.

Doctor On Call After Hours

Norhtlake Eye Center are fully equipped to handle all eye care emergencies including sudden vision loss, onset of flashes and floaters, foreign body injuries, onset of double vision and chemical injuries.

Anterior Segment Diseases

Cataracts, dry eye, Fuchs’ dystrophy, glaucoma, herpes keratitis, keratoconus are treatable by laser therapy or incisional surgery alone or in combination with medical therapy.

Welcome To Norhtlake Eye Center

Whether you are in need of a new prescription or are interested in learning about a surgical procedure, our staff is committed to providing friendly, professional, and comprehensive ophthalmic care.

We call upon decades of experience to provide knowledgable consultations and options to our clients and use the most up-to-date equipment and surgical techniques to maximize medical treatment and surgical outcomes.