About Us

Norhtlake Eye Center has provided full-service eye care, medical and surgical treatment for various eye conditions for the past 30 years and has become the area's leader in specialized medical and surgical eye care.

Why Choose Norhtlake Eye Center?

Experience counts. Northlake Eye Center specializes in all your eye care needs from routine examinations to various delicate eye surgeries. We strive to retain and enhance the vision of all our patients and understand how important it is to have and maintain good eyesight.

Our board certified ophthalmologists and optometrists provide professional care while maintining personal connections with their patients. Our offices are staffed by highly trained team members who excel at creating comfortable atmospheres through friendly communication and attention.

Norhtlake Eye Center not only provides one of the most knowledgable, experienced, expert teams in Louisiana, but we pride ourselves in our full service optical lab, flexible hours, and emergency 24 hour on call service. Contact us today to set up an appointment.